Friday, January 6, 2012

Yeoh Si Association Annual Dinner 2011

Yeoh Si Association was having their Annual Dinner on 9th December 2011 on last year, it's another belated blog post again. Anyway, I just found those photos and processed it before start this blog post. Yeoh Si Association is located at Lebuh Melayu which next to the stationary shops. Yeoh Si Association means all the members inside the society are sharing the same surname, my dad is one of the committees members too!
In the year 2011 they were actually having their 71 Anniversary Annual Dinner. The location of the dinner was at the Penang Plaza Chinese Restaurant called Hei Yeong Seng. I made my first time there after the renovation of Penang Plaza. What I know about Penang Plaza was their Giant Supermarket, I think that's the 1st outlet of Giant Supermarket in Penang Island, until now it's still there!
That dinner had attracted a lot of guest coming from everywhere. Some of them were from Kuala Lumpur, or perhaps from Ipoh, Butterworth and also Kedah too! That day the occasion were quite lively and I heard from my dad said that around 60 tables provided for all the guests. Cool! Some of them were rich whereas some of them were hardworking and active in society activities. 
The committees members were singing on the society theme song as the pledge to the Yeoh Si Association! Well, that song maybe was not so familiar to all of them that's why having some troubles when singing the song.
Here come the first dish, I saw the plate was quite unique so I took out my camera and snapped on it. Well the dishes inside was special too, mostly fried yet there were quite lots of vegetables included. Not bad la...
Oh yes the birthday song's session! Well the organizer had invited those VVIPs, YBs and some professors went on top the stage and greet the society 71 Anniversary. Together with all the committees members and members below the stage singing together on the birthday song!
After singing the song, it's the time to blow the candles!
A special way to present the shou4 tao2 寿桃, a kind of chinese bread which included some peanut pieces inside. My dad's friend was acting as the presenter on the stage! Well he's good and talented in this kind of traditional performances. I asked him well about the chinese cultures too and he was like the pros in the chinese cultures! Good...
As you can see, the basket inside included the chinese breads. This performances just made as the representations only but after that every tables will get a plate of 10 chinese breads which distribute to everyone and each person get the chance to have one. Once I ate it, I like the taste very much and yes it's delicious! =) So have you eaten before? Posted by GenYong 06.01.2012

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