Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Year Eve at KL (Part 1)

New Year Eve previously I had went KL with my uncle, since he called up me to join him so I didn't deny on it, just follow! That was my first time being at KL during New Year Eve. 2012 I no longer having school so I could enjoy myself there even it's new year season.
During New Year season, KL or Penang is always crowded of people and the most headache was the heavy traffic on the road. Luckily that time when we went to KL City Centre (Bukit Bintang) was not traffic jam and we rather to pay up RM 20 for the parking jockey to park our car there for whole day!
In our trip there, we had went to Berjaya Times Square, Sungei Wang Plaza, Lot 10, Farenheit 88 and Pavillion KL. All the shopping malls were linked up together! Cool KL. I wish that one day in Penang we have this facilities too. This was convenient and prevent from traffic jam too, once you park your car at any shopping mall you can easily walk through all the shopping centre! Not bad, the only things have to do is to walk!
Walked into Sungei Wang Plaza and there was crowded of people and mostly were teenagers and not only chinese, malays and indians also a lot, seriously 1Malaysia. Cool! Sungei Wang Plaza was like our Penang Prangin Mall or Bukit Jambul Complex, the venue is a bit too small but yet attract a lot of people there! Well, outside the Sungei Wang Plaza there was a New Year Eve countdown concert by Magnum.
Walked into Lot 10 Plaza, another small scale shopping complex selling stuffs mostly on ICT. I like the mall design and especially their escalator light. We were like walking to the high technology world! xD. This shopping mall was quite okay and not really crowded.
Walked out from Lot 10, take about 500 metres like that we will reach Pavillion KL. We had passed by the Farenheit 88 shopping complex and saw a lot of people walking on the pedestrian walkway. Inside the shoplot, we saw a lot of people queue-ing to buy the branded handbags, shoes and some other stuffs! Cool... KL people can be considered as RICH and affordable! Crowded in the walkway and the weather was hot too! Follow my cousin sister walk to the Pavillion KL!
Soon we saw the Sephora shop with the special building structure and yet we saw the traffic jam and here we come the Pavillion KL! I was make my first time here although Pavillion KL already open for quite long time. If not mistaken it was since year 2007, I still remember it was opened together with The Gardens and turned to be the most branded and luxury shopping complex!

*Stay tuned for the next update about the New Year Eve at KL (Part 2) Posted by GenYong 14.01.2012


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