Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Little Cousin Schooling

Still remember my little cousin Keegan boy? He's going to school now! Not Kindergarten anymore is Primary school. He is the Shih Chung Primary School standard 1 student now! Time flies, I had graduated from secondary school whereas he enroll in the standard 1 already. I was join him to his school orientation day after christmas.
I never been to Shih Chung Primary School before, as I think inside was full of talented students! My primary school was Chung Shan Primary School which next to Airport, I seriously miss that place, miss the time when we watching aeroplanes flying around!
Well, on that day every small students were like the cute kids, all of them were so small size with the chubby face. My little cousin is one of the chubby face too! hahaha. Anyway, under the teachers guidance they started to know where's the location of their class probably. All of the teachers there were good and kind to treat the children there.
My aunt went to buy the books for my cousin and end up the total cost was RM 100+, just only exercise books! OMG. How come so much? So I think the RM 100 that given by Federal Government is really not enough for students. xD!
Looking at those little kids walk around was so fun, let me think back when I was small in that time. Hmm, I still remember the first day I went primary school, my class teacher elected me as the monitor and since that time I was being monitor until standard 4 and start from standard 5 I being the prefect and end up with the head prefect! But in secondary school, I was just a normal student that's enough! =)

Keegan boy! Happy Schooling ya... Primary school is always so fun! =) Posted by GenYong 12.01.2012

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Camy said...

your little cousin is so cute!

GenYong said...

@Camy hahaha... we always laughed at him doesn't look like a standard 1 student at all! Still like a kids... but he's naughty! xD

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