Tuesday, January 31, 2012

DragonCNY2012 Day 2

Here come the last day of January and also the date of Jade Emperor Celebrations. Last night I was sleep late due to the praying of Jade Emperor. I did the crazy thing in my life, went to line up at Khoo Kongsi for the MY astro CNY Carnival for the purpose to purchase the Happy Dragon and limited TShirt sets!
So let's talk back the Day 2 of DragonCNY this year. Day 2 of Chinese New Year, usually my grandma will cook for the big meal after reunion dinner. It has a traditional way called as "Kai Nian" 开年, means officially welcome the new year coming up! Therefore, my aunts and cousins were all coming back to mother's home for CNY visit! That day my grandma's house turned to be so lively with the celebrations.
We had our reunion lunch... should be the 1st big meal in DragonCNY according to my grandma. Together with my family, my aunts, uncles, cousin brothers, sisters, parents and grandma! As well my grandma cooked a lot of dishes and prepare for us to have the delicious lunch! A delicious soup, white chicken, meat pieces (Lok Bak), Tomyam Prawn, CNY Vegetables and many more delicious food!
They are all my family members, from left my sister, my dad, my cousin brother with his girlfriend, my uncle and aunt, my cousin brother! They are just few of my family members, still a few more to complete the whole family group photo.
After lunch, here come the angpao distributing session. My aunt was request me to take photos as the proof of giving out angpaos. There my sister's turn to received angpao from her! She's my good aunt and always give us the good advice on any matters, playing jokes with us too!

CNY season of course can't left out of gambling! There you can see my cousin was starting the card games with my uncle. This cousin brother was so playful and all the times like to play jokes with us and the most amazing one was last year he managed to won the almost game! Cool.
Settle down with the home reunion lunch, we went to visit our relatives which is my dad's uncle and I am not sure how to called him in English. Granduncle perhaps? My grandma together with us went to his house located at Sungai Ara and pay a visit to his family. We were there chit chatting, having the CNY biscuits and drinks there! 
There the naughty boy Vincent in the house! He was so active and he could even serve us the biscuits and drinks. Well, he's good on persuading people and called me to borrow him my camera a while and he keep on snapping everywhere. As my aunt said this child was smart and quite active in life. Can't believe he is just 6 years old there! xD. There he took a photo of me, so clear and nice! Not bad ya.

*Stay tuned for following CNY updates. Posted by GenYong 31.01.2012


Camy said...

OMG. full of holiao

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