Thursday, December 27, 2007

Would I change my template for 2008?

This post actually is I want to ask for my visitors' feedbacks. Would I change my template for next year 2008? This template suitable for me? Or you want to recommend some templates for me? I just want your feedbacks. If any information or you want to write your feedback, just leave a comment!! I'm really thanks for your help, I will collect your feedbacks and I will determine that would I change my template. Can you all please leave for me before 31st of December? Alright, I will update a picture blog again soon!! Wish you all Happy New Year!! Posted by GenYong 27/12/2007 Thanks!!


Dragon said...

do whatever u want. change as u wish. this is your blog, remember this!

'Grey' said...

I think the word 'personal site' kills the beauty of your blog ! get rid of it ! It should be like 'GenYong's World'

hp84 said...

Maybe you should change the template, new year mar.

hp84 said...

U try..

i get my template from there..

Apple said...

This template is quite nice, but maybe you should modify the date alignment, not too close to your post title.

K3ViN said...

well as what dragon say... it depends on u... do whatever u feel u wanna do n change..... this is ur blog.... but 4 me.... it look nice oready...

Renge said...

well, this is ur blog, so do watever u like.
but this current template oso nice, mayb u can juz modify some of d elements so tat ur blog look more tidy.

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