Sunday, December 30, 2007

GenYong's Personal Site > GenYong's Blog?!

Sorry guys, this was my first changing of my blog name. GenYong's Personal Site> GenYong's Blog?! Haha... Actually I was changed my template just now. Then this actually is my "test post" in new template. I decided that my pictures alignment got some problems. So that, I have to solve it!! That's sure I must upload some photos la!!

I just went back from my cousin Keegan's birthday party. I shot lots of photos also. Let's me show you some la:Keegan's Birthday Cake!! Happy Birthday to Keegan!!Snap together!! How I shot? Use 10seconds shot la!! Haha... Nice? Effect!!Haha... My uncle and my cousin Keegan!! You look at Keegan, he was so happy!!
Anyway, I just did a error for my visitors counter!! Damn!! I go and reset the counter pula. Haiz... From 1,820 visitors drop until 1 visitors pula!! Haiz... I really so upset. But I already did it ar!! Just don't think of that la!! I will call more visitors come!! I just ajust the date start from next year lo!! 2008 I am waiting for you, and I was prepared the things and wait "you" come!! Haha... Posted by GenYong 30/12/2007


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sbobet said...

sip bro...langsung ke TKP..
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until 1 visitorssbo
pula!! Haiz... I really so upset.

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