Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas really nearly soon!!

Look at my title, do you excited? Christmas really soon!! Just left 12 days to go!! Let's us imagine and see, when christmas eve the event will be how? That's seriously must be many of teenagers will go out and countdown right? Of course include me!! Many of teenagers will be "high" until.... Hehe... Don't think bad!!

Although christmas is coming, but there was raining season also coming!! Haiz... Everyday open newspaper, that will read that where have float or whatever. I am really felt pitiful with the floaters especially who live in Pahang and Johor, the problem was..... Haiz... Luckily, Penang don't get float.

Besides that, today headline of newspapers was the serious accident which happened at Jelapang Toll. This accident was happened yesterday night, cause 7 dead 28 injured. This news really cause many of peoples, include me become sad. This problem is always happened in Jelapang Toll. Therefore, government was discuss to move the toll to 1km nearly from that place, hope that nothing to happened again. Alright, let us to lament with them. Really sad!!

Today, my aunt(mum's sister) and my cousin will be coming to Penang for fun. Look at the time, maybe they already arrived now. Tonight, I can go and meet them ready!! Cool. Tomorrow, I will join them to shopping, that's sure photos will be show you!! That's nothing to write today. Just a bad news just I said. Is okay right? Merry Christmas to everybody!!
By GenYong 12/12/2007


Apple said...

Merry Christmas to you too. Have fun during your shopping.

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