Friday, December 7, 2007

A Delicious Dinner!!

Yesterday night, I have the most delicious dinner. Hehe... how to say delicious? Cause many of the meals was my favourite foods. That's fried chickens, fried egg and vegetables and also curry fish. Wow, hmm...... Really delicious. Yesterday I ate 2 big bowl of rice, you know? Hehe... Surely of course I take down the photos. Let me show you la:Fried Chickens!! Is it delicious? hmm........ I like it!! Cool!!Besides that, my grandmum also cooked some curry fish for us to eat!! hehe...This was a plate of Fried Vegetables With Egg. Really delicious!! I like it... Hmm..... Hungry now!! hehe...This was our "dinner set" yesterday night lo!! Is it many of meals? Hehe... I like it!!
I will update soon!! Posted by GenYong 07/12/2007


Renge said...

wah, many food o~
wonder how many members in ur family?
^^ said...

wow, ur pic are funny, food also can talking... haha ;)

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