Sunday, December 2, 2007

No Updates!! No Time.... Why?

Sorry guys, since last Tuesday I no update my blog. Do you know why? Cause many of things was settle by me. Wednesday night, I followed my father went to GSC cinema to watch movie. Thursday, I was busy to setup my computer accessories. Friday, my blog kena hacked!! What a spam blog? I reported it to Blogger, they help me to review it!! Thanks Blogger!! Since yesterday just can used, this was heard from my sister. Friday night, I went to CLHS until today afternoon just back. Do you think now I tired? Just back from PC Fair in PISA, cool Sony Cybershot S700 that I have purchased just now. I spent RM 599 to buy it!! Is it cool? This can help to improve my blog later. But now I really feel tired, I just want to have good sleep, and I will continue to setup my system tommorow. So, I hope all my supporters, check out my latest post for this few days!! Surely will post!!

Thanks much!! Update soon, hosted by GenYong 02/12/2007


YouLoong said...

syok bo da camp ?
what is ur standings in the whole form ?

GenYong said...

Em... You Loong!! That's of course shiok la!! Hehe... I m taking a prize of the best assist. leader of the camp!! Haha!!

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