Monday, December 3, 2007

Return to post!! What should I post now?

Good afternoon that can I say to guys!! Hi there, I had a good sleep yesterday. So now I can do somethings that I missed. I missed you all!! Anyway, now I replace it la...

We start from Wednesday la. That night, since that I nothing to do, then followed my father went to GSC Cinema Queensbay to watch a movie. Truely that wednesday was a movie day, so that's more peoples to check in!! Catch out all the movies, such as Enchanted and many more la.... Why we will went to watch movie leh? Cause of my father has a voucher from Gerakan. That's sure you kow that this was a movie called >Road To Dawn<夜.明> This movie was acted by 李心洁 a actor who acted 见鬼. This was her next presentation!!

This movie was take the Penang scenery. This movie help to promote Penang. This movie was talk about Mr Sun>孙中山 a china man who went to Penang at 1910 year. He would liked to revolution, so that he came to Penang. This was talked about a revolutionist story!! If you are a chinese, you will know him la... Actually this just a part of the story. If you want to know more of the story, you must search in history book!!

This movie was started act since year 2006>maybe I think!! The movie was act mostly at Georgetown and also Padang Kota Lama>Esplanade. From the movie, I know that how a revolutionist was insist on his impossible mission. Really cool!! That's first time I have been watching movie at GSC Queensbay. Okay la about this movie!! That day was the last day, so that now no more la.. Hehe.. Okay, later I will continue my next post!!

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curryegg said...

It's good to hear that you've a good sleep..

And new movie? I gotta watch it!

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