Saturday, December 15, 2007

Busy Again?! Went to school for activity

Look at my title of this post, you will know that whether I was busy or not? Truely said that I was busy for this few days, so that I have to say sorry to all my supporters. I take a lot of pictures this few days. So that I will divide it to post for you to see. Now let me post today photos first la, delay the pass day first!!

First, today I was went to school for Action Group activity. Actually today our mission is to clean up the whole F block(Form1 and Form2 class) of CLHS. That's sure was only us, that's mission impossible. Luckily, sir called all of the Junior Prefects came and help us to clean up. Really thanks to them!! We cleaned until about 11.00am, the mission was finish!! We clean class, move tables and chairs and also add in some tables chairs.

When cleaning the class, I found that 1T14(my previous class) is the most clean!! That's proud for us this 1T14's guys!! Haha... I didn't take photo for the activity, cause we were busy to clean up, no time!! Just I take some photos besides the activity. Just look down:Look at the field!! Who played football? Manchester United? Wow!! Haha, actually is 75/77 graduates!! They played football and gathering in school today, I think that next time we can be like that!! Just wait for more 30 years la, that's about 2042 year lo!! Haha...They played until so tired!! You look at some members were removing their clothes. Wow, sexy!! Haha... Is it funny? They were keep continue afternoon, because that time is 11.00am, weather was so hot!!
They have their lunch together!! Cool, just like gathering, back to own school!! Really lively in the canteen!! They eat lot, say lot also!! Haha.... Just like us(children again!!)Besides that, they take a shot for commemorate!! I just "help" them to take the shot, but is only backside!! Haha.... Can't go in front, because I am not VIP!! So I just can "curi-curi" snap lo!!Say until curi-curi, I really take a shot for girls!! Wow!! Cool man... The girls was cool also!! Eha!! Just no take photo with them only!! Why? Is because paiseh!! I like you all... Haha... Just joking!! The girls nice? Hehe....

After activity, that's about 12.00noon I just back!! As usual, went to the bus stop opposite CLHS to wait for a bus to Komtar. I waited half hour more, damn!! No bus around to go Komtar!! Just luckily when 12.30pm, a Transit Link bus came!! No peoples in the bus, so easy to get seat. During the trip, there was traffic jam on the way to Komtar. Alamak!! When reach Komtar already 1.00pm. Haiz...When reach Komtar, I just walked to Prangin Mall there to wait for Rapid Penang. Luckily that was 1.00pm, got many of buses came!! U302 is not my choice again!! I choose U401 for not wasted my time!! U401 is straightly travel until Balik Pulau, so I can save my time on the bus.
This picture is take when I was on the seat, is about Sungai Nibong there!! U401 is more special than others. Is it right? What's your idea?

Tonight no going out for shopping, is because tomorrow got Starwalk 2007 for me and my father. So have to sleep early tonight!! So wait for my next post: Starwalk 2007!! Update Soon!! Posted by GenYong 15/12/2007


Dragon said...

It's been long time I never went back to the school. I think it has changed a lot a lot. I'm from CLHS as well.....

my goodness, you are so young and i'm very impressed on your blog. keep up the good work. i added u in msn. you know nicholas also? I knew him too. :)

YouLoong said...

u veli busy meh..
i even busy than u..
not like u..
everiday at home..

K3ViN said...

hihi.... i came here cos dragon intro me here..... what a nice blog.... sooooo impressed when dragon say ur 13 only.... ur blog really nice.... keep up ur good work... anywhere i no from Penang, i from Klang,Selangor. :P

Kenny Chun said...

great, u got something to do . while i sit home doing nothing .. as usual ................

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