Saturday, December 8, 2007

Jungle Trekking> Mountain Trekking?

Hey guys, really say that Jungle Trekking and Mountain Trekking has what difference? I really don't know for that!! Just don't mind it la.... Hehe...
This morning, I followed my father went to trek the mountain behind my house!! That's really cool, I know!! But we went at about 8.30am somethings la. Is it too late? Really late la, and also too hot for this time!! Because yesterday night, we slept late so that can't woke up early... But is ok for trekking, morning sun is good for us!! Hehe....

That's true I have brought my DSC-S700 followed with me!! That's for what? I realised that can take pictures of mountains, really I did it!! Just have some pictures that I choose to show you all!! Just like:Firstly, before we start our journey. We took a shot by my mum!! Hehe... Is okay la. Cause my mum not so sure about camera!! Can be accepted!! I looked like my father or not? Just heard from my father said that, Don't simply take photo when we on the way at the mountain!! Because we are chinese, we believed that!! Hehe... So that, this was my first picture which taken by my father.This was a tree with a funny shape!! I really don't know this tree called what name!! Really nice!! Cool right?Is this waterfall? No la!! Just a small "waterfall" hehe... Okay la, we hardly to see this scenery ready lo!! The water flow from the high place until the "river". Maybe I think so that's cool and nice!!

We walked and walked, then we stopped at the high of mountain. Cause of we haven't finish this journey, because there have many of dogs prevent us to go in front. So that, we stopped there!! While we were rest, I took out my camera and take a shot with the jungle:There has a red house? That's followed the picture, I said that is it a red house in jungle? Hehe... This don't know la... Really nice?There have many of coconut trees? Nice!! Cool lo!! I found that have a "christmas tree" at there. Really joking you la!! Is just a tree look like christmas tree!!The Coconut Tree is it at seaside? really not!! Hehe... looked like at seaside right? Really I felt that!! When in the journey we went down from mountain, I saw a "christmas tree" again!! Yo, just take a shot for you all to share this!!Quack!! Quack!! Ducks were coming!! The ducks was so cute!! They were eating their meals.... I just slightly took a picture for them!! hehe.... Then, we went in to people's house to take a shot for Penang's scenery. Hehe... Can you see Penang Bridge?We spent 3 hours there!! You look me!! Hehe.... Is so hot!! Okay la, now wan to go to Queensbay ready!! I will blog it soon!! Posted by GenYong 08/12/2007


dick said...

u got fuck wth ducks


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