Saturday, December 22, 2007

Midwinter Festival

Midwinter Festival? Do you know what means? This is a festival which celebrate by Chinese. Is just a festival like CNY, Mooncake Festival and whatever festivals we celebrate. That's sure Chinese have more festival to celebrate. Is it right? Haha....

Actually this midwinter in chinese is mean 冬至. Let's me explain the story of "Dong Zhi" for you all to discuss!! The traditional East Asian calendars divide a year into 24 solar terms. That's one term which caused by Sun that reaches longitude 270. That's I'm not so sure!! This just search from WikiPedia Go the site to get more information!!

Alright, I just remember that I shooted some pictures of "Tang Yuan" yesterday night. Haha... That's the process of doing "Tang Yuan". Let's see:Ahaa... what's that? Haha... Before we start the process, we make a preparation for that. That's four colour of the ingredients. Got Red, White, Green and Yellow. The main of the colour lo!! Haha!!My mum and grandma were doing until want to complete the job ready!! Haha... My sister and i also got help oh!! Just doesn't take photo on that time, cause we were doing!! Wow!! Completed!! We already completed the job. Let's look at the table!! Haha... And me was at there.. Haha....Is it nice? I mean the "Tang Yuan".Finally, we completed the Glutinous Balls. haha... Colourful!! Is it? Nice lo!! Just wait for today morning to eat lo!! Haha... I have ate it ready... Delicious
This pictures I edit with Adobe Photoshop!! New look?! Fresh to view!! I will update soon!! Support GenYong 22/12/2007


Dragon said...

wah...... so many!!!

Renge said...

wow~ many tang yuan o~
haha, I dun even hv tang yuan to eat.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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