Friday, December 7, 2007

Take photos with my little cousin!!

Do you saw this baby boy before? If you have been saw my post before, you will know him la... He really cute that I received some feedbacks from my visitors last time. So that, this time I will not lose for this time. Just now afternoon, he just back from his babysister's home. He came to my house with my aunt!!

So that, I catch up this chance to take photo for him!! Let's see the photos:When I take photo with him, he was eating an apple. Is it cute? Yummy that he said... hmm...Hehe...I jus t asked him how are you? He answered me fine!! Yaya that's true!! Hehe... Really cute ar him!! I would like him to be my youngest brother!!Come On Keegan boy!! Take photo!! Just a shot... Come on, my cutes Keegan Boy!!Keegan, look at here please!! Hehe.... Just take a photo with you la.... Smile!!

I just remember that, Junior Jaycess' senior that called Ejiat. He was called me to help him make a notice for all jaycees member of ChungLing High School. This coming Monday 10/12/2007, have a meeting of Training Camp last time!! All members better can be attend this camp!! The time is 3.00pm until 4.00pm, Venue is at CLHS School Canteen.

So that, hope every members can be attend this meeting!! We meet you there!!
Okay la, although this was sponsored post or not. I just help my senior to notice about that, Just that I can do it, Ejiat!! Thanks much!! Okay la, I just blog until here tonight, Good night everybody!!
Posted by GenYong 07/12/2007

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