Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Happy Birthday to Grandmum!!

Firstly, I have to say "Happy Birthday" to my grandmum!! Today, actually is my grandmum's birthday. But that's today my aunts all are busy, so we had celebrate with my grandmum yesterday night in Season Restaurant, Jelutong. About 7.30pm, we have been arrived there. My uncle was waiting for us!! There was a room provided for us, in it have Karaoke service. Cool!!

For your information, that's I said that I have been buy a new camera. That's Sony Cybershot S700, really cool!! I used it to take photos yesterday, 7.2 MegaPixel should be sharp!! Let's me show you:
That's me and my sister!! This can be my first photo, do you know that who is WinnieYong? That's right, now let me intro to you know!! She is my sister lo, she now 11 years old, next year will taking UPSR!! She has a blog too... That's>>>WinnieYong's Personal Blog Go and support her la!!
Next, That's me la GenYong^^ Do you even see me? And do you know me? Hehe, I am GenYong, GenYong was me!! I just a beginner blogger and also a hoster of this blog!! So let's me to say hi to guys!! Tunjuk Ajar ya!!(in malay)
Waiting for long period, our meals was came!! That's decorated with "Guan Yu"... hehe, is it creative? Cool leh!! Hmm.... delicious....
Next, is my favourite>> Shark's Fins Soup!! "Hu Qi"(in hokkien).... There a lot of ingredients lo!! Cool!! More delicious!!Hmm......................
Third meal was the Fried Chickens and Salad!! Really delicious.... I ate many of the chickens!! Nice, The salad not bad also.... GOod!!
4th, we have mushrooms!! This plate I like most!! The vegetables was fresh and and the fishes!! A best meal I like!! Delicious..........
The fifth meal, fish was coming. The fish was big and was delicious!! Nice to eat... I like the fish!! Red fish i think!!Next was the fried prawns!! Delicious^^^^ Hmmm...........................
Everybody come and sing!! This was the karaoke!! KTV, hehe..... RedBox!! KevinChoe sing, my aunt sing, mum sing, uncle sing and also I sing!! We can be singer later, haha.....
Come on stick together and smile!! That's my aunt and grandmum, Mum and Dad, Uncle and Aunt, My cousins!! They all was friendly, we take the photo with them!! Cool!!

Okay that's cool right? For more information, stay touch with my next post!! I will update soon, support GenYong 04/12/2007.


YouLoong said...

din say happy birthday for me..

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