Monday, December 10, 2007

Sunshine Square Christmas Decorations

I was so busy for this few days, I would like to say sorry for all my visitors. Just promised you, I will link you right? I'm sorry that I didn't do it!! But I will try myself to add you all!! Wait patiently, You can checked it by this two days.

Anyway, I went to Sunshine Square with my family yesterday. Truely, is for what? We went for another shopping since we shop at Jusco. The purpose was same as last time, "Year End Buy"... hehe!! I doesn't bought anything, but my sister bought a cloth for herself. Really nice!! She can be wear it during CNY 2008.

When I just walked in the main hall of Sunshine Square, I saw a "large christmas tree" was in the center of the hall. But just look like large at there, compare with Queensbay Mall is just same!! Just let you to see the pictures:Look at the christmas tree, is it large? Or medium only? Surely just same like Queensbay Mall. Hehe... Nice right? GenYong with christmas tree again? Since I take a shot from Queensbay, this was the second shot!! Hehe... There will more shot is coming soon!! Just viewed from Level 2, you can see that the main hall already decorated by christmas decorations. Christmas really coming soon!! Just 13 days more to go... Let's us to countdown!! Hehe...
Take a shot in Sunshine Books Store. A little christmas tree again!! Is it nice and also cute? Hehe... Under got gifts oh.... Waiting for you to take!! Come on!! Merry Christmas!!
I will post soon!! Posted By GenYong 10/12/2007


YouLoong said...

why u look like hunchback liao d ?
hunchback is = tuo bei

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