Wednesday, December 5, 2007

IE got problems!! My blog can't view well!!

For your obinion, you think that which browser more better? Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, Opera or Safari? Actually the mainly was IE>Internet Explorer by Microsoft. Firefox was designed by Mozilla> a Google company(I think so). Safari was designed by Apple, was suitable for Mac, but Windows also can use la!!

Is it IE have many of problems? Nowadays, I am using IE7 to update my post. Although my PC was not Windows Vista, but I update IE from IE6 to IE7. Fresh look and more nice!! But the quality was not so good, will be lagging and also will hang up sometimes!! But that's not important, my blog recent post have many of photos right? But if you use IE to view it, you can saw the photos, but some words was missing*!!.....

I try to use Safari and Opera to view it, that's no problem, nice and fresh....!! Netscape and Firefox also can use!! The quality of Internet Explorer was not good at all ready.....

Heard from YouLoong, today was his birthday. Later I would like to email him and send a birthday card for him, hehe...... Happy Birthday to YouLoong!!

I will keep update my blog post!! But now just let you to suprise is it I can sing well? Let's see:
I sang 情难忘 王识贤 The video was recorded by me!! And Nicholas teach me how to edit it!! Thanks much nicholas!! Okay I will write it until here!! Wait for my next post....
Posted by GenYong 05/12/2007


Apple said...

I've been using Firefox for years and still recommend it to most IE users.

CresceNet said...

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Egg said...

nice singing..
glad to know you..

C Wee said...

LOL! damn cool man ur singing!!!!

yihphing said...

ho liao la u

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