Monday, January 25, 2010

Yeoh Si Association Annual Dinner 2009

This few days when I check back my photos storage, I found that I have missed up a lot of blog posts haven't show to readers... I really lack of time and now I practice to write a draft first before publish the post. Alright let us now review back to year 2009! I had followed my dad attend to the Yeoh Si Association Annual Dinner last year. That time I still saw Brendon Yeoh, can't believe not even 1 month he had left this world... Sigh!

Anyway, I try not to remember those sad memories... Now let us take a look with those photos I had snapped! That night there can be considered as a medium-large dinner style, everyone treat themselves as relatives and everyone share the same surname, that's Yeoh/Yong!
The oriental style of dinner was held at StoneBay Restaurant.
The organizing chairperson was giving out his speech on the stage.
The president of association together with the vice president of Malaysia Yeoh Si Association were giving their speech on the stage.

That night the organizer also invited Komtar YB come and give a speech. As you know nowadays those politicians like to talk and show off their knowledge. Whenever they attend to any dinner, they sure find out a topic and let people know the truth! By the way, I mostly like to listen but I don't have to comment much!
Komtar YB was giving his speech about the 2010 government plan.
Next, there was the proud of Yeoh! One young man could able to manage his business and get nominated as Dato' under the Pahang Sultan. It's a proud of himself and also Yeoh Si Association!

I think that's all for this association dinner. Alright what's up for next post? Next post I will narrow down to ChungLing High School status... Let us see what we have inside the ChungLing High School! See the truth... Check it out. Posted by GenYong 25.01.2010

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