Wednesday, February 1, 2012

DragonCNY 2012 Day 2 Family Dinner

Yes today is the month of February! I believe that most of the people has started working or started schooling after the CNY break. So can be concluded here, DragonCNY is almost ended. Well, so how was your feeling there? CNY was fun? Alright, let's flash back to CNY Day 2 and I was having the family dinner at Penang Plaza with my KL cousins.
The CNY decorations at Penang Plaza!
Family dinner? Here come the Lou Sang! 捞生,捞得风生水起!龙年行好运!Lou Sang is a kind of special dishes for Chinese and it's a MUST food for everyone to give us good luck in the whole year and everything going smooth in the brand new year!
Yes Lou ah!!! Lou Sang is like that! Everyone stands up and raise your hand with chopsticks and start mixing everything on the plate! Raise up those materials high and shout "huat", "heng", "ong" (all in hokkien)! Cool... Inside the plate there were contains of salmon fish pieces, salted vegetables, sweet vegetables and some other vegetables... Nice to eat!
The restaurant Hei Yeong Seng was crowded and full house! The whole restaurant only served CNY sets dinner! The set dinner were all in package mode, RM 688++, RM 788++, RM 888++ or even come with RM 1K! OMG, but once a year, it's worth to spend on it.
My uncle also celebrating his earlier birthday there with my cousins. Guess what is his birthday present? They bought him an iPhone 4 external battery case! He was so happy and keep praising the present suits him very much! Happy Birthday! =)
Total 8 main dishes plus 2 extra dishes. OMG! We were so full at last after having this heavy dinner! But it's  worth for RM 800 at 15 persons. Everyone was so full and enjoyed at last.
After the dinner, we had the happy family shot outside the restaurant! First was the youngsters cousins family shot and upnext was the parents' family shot and at last add in my grandma and cousin grandma! It's so good to have the chance reunion together in CNY! =) 

*Well, I am start working at Chatime, Queensbay Mall tomorrow! Hopefully I can do well in my job! Will try my best to update my blog after my work! Posted by GenYong 01.02.2012 


Camy said...

nice one!

GenYong said...

@Camy CNY dinner almost the same la... so how about yours one??

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