Tuesday, June 2, 2009

3TA1 Features

This year I get the chance to enroll into A classes. On last year I always thought that A class students are almost the clever in studies and they will only focus on studies and etc. But today I just realized that in the passed of five months my class 3TA1 was full of features and many many funny things coming out!

As well I took my camera to school during examination, I have shot a lot of features that happened in class and there was the rubiks collection on recent post also shot at that time. After you read this, you can imagine that 3TA1 is much more full of features.
Have Fun
Please ignore the person who show you the 'rude' finger. Actually our class was more fun than others. After teachers went out, we will start off our own stuffs and also don't forget to making features and jokes.
During examination, someone brought his GameBoy to school for releasing bored. Everyone has the turn to play off. What's the game inside? Incredible, Pokemon, Car Racing and many more. It's cool!
At last our classmate, pen spinner Guang Ian have a lot of Rubiks collection. He brought all to school and lend everyone to get the try in this game. I don't think this was toys and it's useful in mathematics formulae and train your brain well! By the way, there was more things happening soon and we will post it to our class official blog. Posted by GenYong 02.06.2009

p/s: the blog is coming soon, Aviation 1. For more details, check on my updates. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

btw can u send me the CDKey for adobe photoshop CS3 thru msn??
i've lost my cdkey...
thx ^^

GenYong said...

@Kelvin use crack mah. CD Key not only can use once? I try give you.

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