Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Transformers 2:Revenge of the Fallen Released

Today the latest Transformers series was launched since the 1st episode launched in year 2007. Two years later, the film maker Michael Bay produced this series to the part 2. Since year 2007, this movie was so popular and been memorable from everyone, so the film maker was directed another episode which more about Fallen.

Yesterday actually nicholas already watched the premiere of this movie. He said not bad in his twitter and I am now planning want to go and watch it or not. Anyway, Transformers movie was full of action in the part 1, I don't know whether it is continue in the part 2.

From others who plan to go for tonight, they mentioned that the tickets in cinema were fully booked, no matter in Gurney or Queensbay. I think this is the great movie after Terminator Salvation.

This weekends Queensbay Mall will held an exhibition at the central zone. It's a Transformers exhibition, it's a deal for you. If you're pretty and sexy enough(for girls), you can go and take the competition. Or maybe you can go there to check for the Transformers collections.

Are you going to watch it? It's great.... I think I will going to watch after one week. Posted by GenYong 24.06.2009

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