Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mini Concert 歌台 at Sepuluh Kongsi Pek Kong

Last Thursday night my dad brought my family to the Sepuluh Kongsi 什公司 which is a place in the district of Bayan Lepas. The place is known as Setia Pearl Island since year 2007. So I think almost penangites will know this place. This place Pek Kong was celebrating 'his birthday' for once a year.

This year from the chinese calendar, we can found that there was two fifth months and that means got two dumpling festival celebration. 润农历五月 Anyway, on next month the celebrations will held again so let's see who are coming to sing next month.

This month actually the Setia Pearl Island was invited two little singers to the 'mini concert' for singing as performances. Both of them are 周奕斌 and 刘婉莹 who from Penang Butterworth! Everyone in Penang was excited to see their performances and that night the place was crowded of peoples.
The Champion
Teenage Singer
At first the champion of the International Hokkien songs competition of year 2008. She's 刘婉莹!
Little Singer
Up next, the champion of the Astro Hua Hee Karaoke 2008. He's Brian 周奕斌!
Sexy singer
I don't know whether how many people like those mini concerts. I not actually like those activities because it might be late in midnight and I can't survive for so long. But if any popular singers come I sure will go and support! I hope you can enjoy this update and photos.

P/s: tomorrow back to school, need to sleep earlier. So wish every students happy schooling, it's a new term being a new guy/gal, refresh yourself! Posted by GenYong 14.06.2009

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