Monday, June 22, 2009

I have complete the test

Hey yo guys, sorry for no updates these few days. My mum was starting to ban me from online and definitely for blogging too. Today I have to complete one test that recommended by school afternoon supervisor Mr Tan Seong Hee that's the Ujian Permata Pintar UKM1.

Actually I don't know what's that and I was not interested in those stupid online test. It's a compulsory job for form 1, 2 and form 3 students to sit for this test. It's quite challenging test and I have a lot don't knows. By the way, I just simply pick one answer out from the multiple choices.

Today my school have a spot check action happened. Since long time no spot check and today was the second round of this year. Luckily today is Monday and I didn't take my camera to school, if not my camera gone! Unfortunately, my friend's handphone has gone and placed in Discipline 1 for 3 months baru boleh get back.

I have no idea about it how to get back. I'm always protest on prefects, I can't even tahan with their attitudes. They show their lousy faces and their actions were really unacceptable by most of the students in Chung Ling.

So due to my mum not allowing me to online, so I have to apologize for first and I will try my best to update once in a week. Thank you for your support! Posted by GenYong 22.06.2009


yihan said...

hey, beware of ur i/c number. it's very dangerous to be exposed.

GenYong said...

OMG i forgot to blur it! Thank you for reminding me!

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