Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cycling @ Khoo Kongsi

Cycling @ Khoo Kongsi
Hello everyone do you like cycling? Seriously told you, I love cycling very much. I cycled before in my primary states, but now I reduce the hobby of cycling because of lacking time and my bicycle was break down. Last Sunday, I saw a gang of bicycle kaki cycled around the Khoo Kongsi.

That time I just realized that there was a weekly cycling program leaded by Penang Sports Department. This program was organized since January and was increase the supports from people. The purpose of holding this program is to encourage people love environment and develop cycling as a hobby. Besides that by cycling the people can explore through out the heritage buildings in Penang.
Cycling@Khoo Kongsi
Last Sunday when I was attending the Sunday class in Khoo Kongsi which conducted by Anak-anak Kota people and I saw that. The tourist guide also give some information about the heritage buildings and try to told the people about the history. By the way, I like this program but I not have the chance to join it!

Penang State Government really good and it will helps to encourage the friendly environment and also promote the tourism spots in Penang. Encourage people cycling can make use of healthy life and activity for teenagers. Thank you Penang! Posted by GenYong 03.06.2009

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