Saturday, June 13, 2009

Co-op Treasure Hunt 09

On the 2nd day of last month, my club School Co-operative was organized a Treasure Hunt which open for everyone to join. My friend Kah Lok was the organizing chairperson and he hosted the event. I think maybe is his first time and many problems that occured on him. By the way, I am trying to help him and there was not really sucessful!

Maybe the planning not so good, or the number of participants not enough and etc. But RM4 per person you get the certificate and food, the price still okay la right? We did a review of this and think to solve those problems that occured and we're planning to organize it again by this year end after my PMR.

Group Discussion
The group was doing their discussion under a tree. Finding the way from the clues that we gave.
Team Building
Team Building games
For my station, I let them to play some kinds of team building games. Holding each other hand randomly and at the end will form a circle. It's cool!
The Best Member
The Winner Group
At the end, the organizing chairperson was announced the best member and the winner group. Each of them get the co-op voucher and certificate for all participants will be giving out after school holidays. Although this event was not very successful but at least we tried our best to complete it and now we're planning to organize it again become more grand on this year-end! Posted by GenYong 13.06.2009

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