Thursday, June 25, 2009

Monster Vs Aliens at Gurney Plaza

Last holidays, I just only went out for movie once that's 11st of June with my sister went to Gurney Plaza for a 3D movie(Monster Vs Aliens). It's a free movie which my cousin paid for us. He's working there as a manager so we have the chance to watch this!

It's a 3D movie, my first time watching 3D with a special spec. Although it's just a kids movie, with the spec I can watch through the effect of 3D is cool!
I am the human
I am not the monsters nor aliens, I am only human! Don't catch me! XD...
The tickets. Two tickets cost RM30, but not us pay! Don't worry.
3D Spec
In 3D Spec
The 3D spec is cool. After given instructions by the cinema officers, everyone wore up the spec and enjoy the movie until the end. There were a lot of kindergarten children watching with us there. The teachers brought them to cinema, just remind me that my kindergarten life was not so happy! Nowadays the kids so good, got the chance to do the things that we never try before. Posted by GenYong 25.06.2009

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