Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The New Chapter begin

Tomorrow is 1st day of the month of July. Seriously I like July very much although my birthday not drop at this month. July is full of relax, not to forget tomorrow is my dad's birthday. But I just wondered that I haven't bought the present to him. I have no idea what to buy for him. Later discuss with my mum and sister....

Anyway, this year I am taking PMR so is an important year for me. My parents kept not allowing me for online in long period and can't even open the PC. I understand their efforts but however I still have a blog need to update and check for my emails. By the way, can just ignore it! PMR still got 99 days to go, so I must put more efforts in studies.

Talking in the two paragraphs of my current status. You sure will ask me why no photos. Randomly I just select some photos from A1 to post up. Hope you will like it!
It's always A1
There were some graffiti done by our class 'visual artists'. XD! I know that's a bad action for us. But this is the way, to create our own idea. I am not supporting vandalism, just some creatives performed out on the wall, I will take a look.

For the case above, the 'It's always 3TA1' was written by me and my purpose is to tell others that 3TA1 is always in our hearts! Treat it well. However, our passed moral teacher Cikgu Cheam taught us that must always 'aplikasikan nilai-nilai moral tertentu', so we wrote down on the wall! It's cool...
Don't break wind
This was done by our creative editor Zi Quan. He did the cut&paste and draw little bit to be a symbol. It's really funny! The first time I saw this I don't know what it's mean but after the explanation I just realised that this was a sign which remind people not to 'break wind' (放屁) in class. What a creative sign with cut&paste. It's really cool....

Tomorrow check out the Aviation's website which done by me. Link will giving out tomorrow! Stay tuned. Posted by GenYong 30.06.2009

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