Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mansor won Penanti seat!

A very good news for everyone in Malaysia and of course PKR and Pakatan Rakyat. In the passed by-election which held just now, the result was out on 8.30pm. After I checked the official result from, the big winner of this by-election was Mansor. First of all I would like to congratulate PKR for this winning and this is what the government people need nowadays.

Although Barisan Nasional didn't participate in this by-election and caused this election was the most quiet by-election. PKR just versus three free candidates. By the way, Mansor gained 6052 votes and the majority was 5558 votes whereas for the three candidates was get 942 votes in total. All of the three was lost their deposit and this was the great majority won by PKR. Congratulations!

So on Wednesday, Mansor is going to be our Assist. Chief Minister 1 in Penang. Anyway, as penangites here, we welcome you to be our dearest new 1st assist. chief minister and hope you can lead us to the success.

However, this was the 1st by election after the Perak government crisis. So I think the malaysian know that we need a more fair and honour government to lead the country, no longer is Barisan Nasional! So we are looking forward for the next election happening in Kelantan on the month of July! Posted by GenYong 31.05.2008

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