Sunday, June 7, 2009

Chung Ling High School Sports Day 09

On 8th of May, my school was held an annual sports day. For such events, I usually will take my camera for shooting else where. Shoot for the marching, the matching, the talking and the features. Since Chung Ling High School was enough of photographers such as Nicholas, Alvin, Yong Seng, Kenny, Min Xiang and many more... They owned DSLR and shoot more features.

By the way, this year was the first year I shoot for this event. I brought my camera there and shoot for many angles and would like to share with all now.
Get Ready
Before the ceremony start the performers were get ready at the side and set all the things to the best status.
The Band
The Prefects
Bomba Cadet
Police Cadet
Traffic Waden
St John
The Scouts
Youth Cadet
Boys Brigade
But usually almost photographers were keep shooting at those angles for the marching part. This can be considered as the most important part of the event and there was many uniform units marching along the field.
The Team
Take Oath
As well you can see that the band were playing the music and the others keep on following the steps and marched together. After that they stand steadily and sang for the national anthem. Later our school principal Mr Chuah was giving his speech and continue to the participants representative took the oath in front of everyone!

The more photos will be upload next, check out >>> Posted by GenYong 07.06.2009


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