Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A(H1N1) attacked the schools

From the breaking news, there were 4 schools being closed starting from now which happened in KL. Now we can see that the A(H1N1) cases were become more terrible. The Minstry Of Health was taking action in those cases. Our country keep on increasing the number of patients and now the schools also be corrupted.

I think this virus will keep on increasing the numbers. It's more serious compare with SARS that happened in year 2003. Anyway, this blog post is one of the alerts for you and GenYong would like to remind you take care of your health. If you feel not well please go and see doctor, avoid going outside, drink more water!

Note: Malaysia is keep on increasing the number of patients, now already 80 people get this flu. The latest is from Johor Bahru! Take care. Posted by GenYong 24.06.2009

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