Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Teluk Kumbar Beachside

Last Sunday my uncle invited us to the Teluk Kumbar 好友 seafood restaurant for dinner. I have snapped some scenery photos. I wondered that Teluk Kumbar beachside compare with Batu Ferringhi the Teluk Kumbar was really ugly and dirty whereas Batu Ferringhi was really nice and the sand just like white in colour.

I found the kids were playing with the seawater and enjoy the fun at beach side. Some family also spending their time in the evening with their children at seaside.School reopening, I am lacking of time to update my blog. So maybe I will update it twice a week! Weekends just only have free time! Posted by GenYong 17.06.2009


Anonymous said...

Hey, long time no see.. wah got till teluk kumbar ar..hehe
Heard tat day u interviewed my grandma, I haf a new email/msn
Thanks 4 d comment, hope 2 keep in touch

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