Saturday, June 27, 2009

The end to King Of Pop - Michael Jackson

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Yesterday when I was reading the breaking news, I shocked that how surprise the news it is! How come the King Of Pop will die in suddenly. Because recently the newspaper was reported that he's going to plan for the next schedule for the world trip concert. But now is all gone!

After received this news, I felt shocked and also sad to miss this talented singer. From the reports, the main causes of his death is because of the heart attack. Michael Jackson was a spotlight for 40 years long since he released the album of Thriller. It's a waste and his death caused a lot of people cried and we really missed the King of Pop.

His schedule for this coming July held a concert in London is canceled and no longer held again. He was a talent guy and became the world spotlight before in earlier 60th century. The world were listening his songs since 1960s until now. He was the one who create the Popstyle in the world.

To his death, I feel so sorry and sad to hear that. By the way, I wish Michael Jackson can be going into the 'better world' and Michael Jackson is always with us! Your voices will be the memorable in our heart! Posted by GenYong 27.06.2009

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