Saturday, June 13, 2009

Haze Around Malaysia, take care!

Recently the weather in Malaysia was so hot and now become hazzy around the whole Malaysia. Penang here was going to reach the serious status whereas Klang and Shah Alam were polluted seriously since yesterday.

From the news headline in, the spot of the API reading was reach over 100 spots. That means that there already very hot and cloudy around the city. The latest I think it will be more terrible without any rain.

For Penang, I feel that there is going to be more serious if still have no rain coming down. We have suffering for no rain about one week. So hopefully today will have a rain coming down and neutralize the environment and cool down the hot weather.

Besides that, everyone must take care of personally health because A(H1N1) virus was around Malaysia and will turn it into the dangerous status. Remember to check up if you get any flu, feeling not well etc. in hospital! Wash more hand, drink more water. If can please reduce the outdoor activities or gathering, you can prevent this virus and the air pollution around the city.

GenYong remind you to take care for your health! Drink more water! Posted by GenYong 13.06.2009

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