Monday, June 8, 2009

The Aviators

Aviation 1=A1, 3TA1. The official name for our class! But until now I still not free to create a blog for my class. Maybe I will create it soon by this week! First of all, I would like to introduce some Aviators for everyone.

Who are they?
They are the featured guys in my class. They are Guang Ian and Walter Teng. One is Pen Spinner and one is the footballer. Both of them are so nice looking and match with each other. I really happy to have those two friends and they're aviators.
The tiny boy in my class, Jia Jun. You can imagine that how he's so cute just like a primary mates. He's pro in pen spinning and also making lyrics. One of the featured guys in my class too. Sit in front always talk here and there, make me not so alone! XD.
Pen Spinner
Do you know him? He's the most pro pen spinner among Form 3 in Chung Ling High School. He can be the SIFU for pen spinning. He taught many people in school and I am learning now too. Thank you Guang Ian! Now he is playing rubiks cube too and magics. What a skillful person! Posted by GenYong 08.06.2009

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