Sunday, June 28, 2009

3TA1 again....

Yo~! Last Friday was a good day and the happiest day for Chung Ling guys. My school held the teachers' day celebration as well as the class party was approved by Principal and organized by ourselves. Actually I won't update this post first since it's quite new and have to 'queue up' for a while.

Anyway, I would like to show you the continuous features happened in 3TA1. My friends like to read my post, especially to see the class photos. So I posted it up and share with others!
A1 Gaga
Gaga's pose
My friends Guang Ian and Walter were acting like Lady Gaga. They made the pose of Lady Gaga and I snapped it. It's cool and really looks alike?
When the Science lesson, teacher was discussing some tricky questions with those students but not us. So I take out the camera and starting to shoot for the features in class. The above photo is cool and nice peace sign photo. Three guys combined together and form a group, how was my idea? Good? XD!
Playing Phone Game
Take Photos
Someone brought handphone to school on that day. Somebody used the phone to play games and snapping photos during the free time. I don't really understand what purpose do the person took the handphone to school. He didn't scare kena spot check by prefects? Careful ya!
Who Won
Can Tahan?
Two guys were playing the 'Energy Challenge'. I'm sure you played it before! They challenged each other and see finally who won. One guy Sin Sern's face turned red while the match started. They last for at least 2 minutes until the match finish. I not sure that who has won, can you tell me? Haha.

P/s: A1 Features still continue until the end of this year. Stay touch if you want to see our features! Posted by GenYong 28.06.2009

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