Friday, May 29, 2009

Rubik's Cube

Hello guys, how was your two weeks? Do anyone missed me? Actually I am slightly free now and wish everyone happy holidays and enjoy it! =)
Rubik's Cube
By the way, anyone here played Rubik's Cube before? Or maybe that time you were playing this game was not yet popular. But now it's popular until the international status. Everyone was playing Rubik's. That's for sure my class won't left this game.
That's me
During examination(Thursday) that's yesterday I took my camera to school and snapped for something special happening in our class. My class A1 is full of features, there have pen spinner, beatboxer, musicians, blogger, DOTA / CS gamers and Rubik's cube pro players. We wondered that afternoon session had their Rubik's Cube competition on yesterday, what they were challenging are the speed you can complete for all the surfaces. Some have taken 1 minutes and some only took a few seconds to complete....

I don't know how to play this cube but heard from my friends said that this was found from a formulae. For me, I will found it from Internet and learn by myself. Hope one day I can learn all the skills.
It's Rubik's
Mini cube
Did you see the round shape rubik's? My friend said that this is not a cube anymore, is rubik's ball! XD =) Good idea but do you have those collections? Show it and comment for it! Drop down your comments here and happy holidays to everyone. Enjoy =)!


Cmate said...

hey Gen Yong!

I love to play the rubix too.. it helps me to relax and stay focus. Started of with the 3x3 coloured one (still looking forward to get the original one but expensive leh). Then I worked on the 3X3 alphabet one (challenging) and a smiley group one.. latest, it's Sudoku one... I'm loving it. I am thinking of moving on to 4x4 or 2x2... not so sure which one..

Glad we have somehting in common.

Anonymous said...

I like this post..
i've played rubik's b4...
now onli noe hw 2 play 3X3 & 2X2
keep it up :)

GenYong said...

@Cmate wow you played it also. 4x4 my friend got. And it's cost much for original. I just play for fun but seriously dunno the formulae. Thanks for your comment.

@Kelvin Oh thanks. Slowly learn ba, I think you success to play 4x4 in future, everyone is learning now. Add oil!

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