Friday, March 13, 2009

The 3TA1 Joker

Yo~! Since last post I uploaded the beatbox video which named Frazear Beatbox, now let me describe to you what's beatbox then. Beatbox actually is quite popular in western countries especially US. It's not a new features but this was the new style from Chung Ling High School. Ying Chen, who from 3TA4 he did this! Now my class got one 'joker' too learnt from him!

Who is him?
Zi Quan
He is Zi Quan.
He's really the joker of 3TA1(my class)

He learns alot of things. Good in maths, beatboxing, artistic designing and many more! But one negative habit of him is always take the food from people. Me as the food supplier to him! But he is still okay for me! I love jokers in my class, so that won't be always bored.

Happy Holidays. =) Posted by GenYong 13.03.2009

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