Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Inside Penang Times Square

I had make my first time step into Penang Times Square. This complex had opened in the mid year if not mistaken and I have no chance to step into there. I can say that the complex have not yet officially opened up. Seems a lot of units still empty and not many people shop out there. I am looking forward for the new Sunshine City opening in the complex and bring in more people to shop out there.
Outer View
I walked from the Siam Road after I done being my payment to the suppliers. Then I stood opposite road and snapped this shot. As I can imagine that this will be a huge building with luxury style in future 5 years. Hope to see that happening in Georgetown!
Main Entrance
I walked pass the road and enter the main entrance. I know why this complex not many people likes it. One of the reason maybe is the traffic congested in way to KOMTAR. Not enough parking lots also cause the problem occurred. I hope before the Sunshine City open, this problem should no longer be there!
Welcoming Tag
I saw this welcoming tag at the door entrance before the lifts. When I first walked in, I thought it was a hotel lobby and have a lift going up to the condominium. Anyway, I love the environment and building structure. It seems like another Gurney Plaza.
The Stage
Outside the building there have a big space for events. I think this place can put up more than 10K people. Besides that I think it's a good place to hold a concert or any function too. That day when I went, there was no function going on. That's why so empty!
The Fountain
In front of the stage, you can see the fountain which contain of water flying out there. It's a nice decoration and also a creative sign. I think the Flea Market were no longer hold on there and now there just put it empty and wait for the next function to come. Besides of these, there also have some creative designs but my camera not enough battery and I failed to snap it!
Halloween at Times Square
They were holding their halloween celebration in the square too. They function hall was quite small and I think can just suit in some of the people. The area not bad! I love it's escalator which can sensor automatically and move it when people walked through. It's an advance technology and firstly found in Penang Island! Good job, Ivory.
Drawing Contest
The Events Management was holding a Halloween Drawing Contest for Kids. It's not like some shopping malls holding the Halloween costumes competition. I think Penang Times Square next year will be holding this event as well... Looking forward. By the way, I wish Penang Times Square can get a lot of business in future and begin it's life from 2010! Posted by GenYong 03.11.2009


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I joined the Idol search lol =]

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