Friday, November 27, 2009

Pillow Fight @ Penang Times Square

Last Saturday, Penang Island had a lot of activities. Penang Leo Clubs had organized two events which at Penang Times Square and Queensbay Mall. Most of the people known the largest pillow fight in Malaysia. It had happened in Penang Island! The purpose of having this kind of event is to raise the fund for the needs of disabled. Those fund especially go for the caring homes such as St. Nicholas!
Pillow Fight 2
That day when I arrived there the event was going to end. I saw less people there and no longer the fight out there. I arrived there about 1pm something after my meeting at school. I thought it ends on 2pm but it doesn't. I think maybe is because of the rain came and the open plaza will get wet after it.
Pillow Fight 1
I just manage to take some 'lame' photos. I can't blame anyone because is myself late to be there. It's alright and I met some friends there. Most of them were bloggers and photographers. I saw many peoples were received their award from the organizer.
Pillow Fight 3
Pillow Fight 4
I didn't have chance to see all of the event. So I can't imagine what had happened while they were fighting. I just saw many boys and girls there holding their pillow and the floor was full of cottons.
Pillow Fight 5
Next, I saw some photographers were snapping on the car. This car was sponsored by RedBull and it painted RedBull design. I think this car should have something special or maybe the celebrities Baki Zainal was inside the car, or perhaps? By the way, this was a nice car!
Pillow Fight 6
I didn't take lots of photos on that day. I just walked there and take a look on the event. But I remember the theme for this Pillow Fight... Fight for A Good Cause! It's suitable for those candidates who was just passed their exam and released their stress on the first day of holidays! Although this event didn't reach the target that organizer set but I think it's a good start for Penang local events. It's a new event, I shouldn't miss it next year!
Pillow Fight (GenYong)
Lastly, Nicholas Chan and Yong Seng were taking photo with me. I think this photo is meaningful because it contains of '3 generations'. It's because now Nicholas 17, Yong Seng 16 and me 15. I just realized on it! Thank you Nicholas Chan and the photo were credited from your blog! Posted by GenYong 27.11.2009


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