Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Praying before PMR (Belated)

Before sitting PMR examination, I went to the Mahindarama Temple for the blessing service from the Buddha. Most of the candidates in Penang should know this place. While the big examination arrive, they will held a blessing service for all the candidates. I still remember when I was sitting for UPSR, I went there before!
Early in the morning, there were many peoples gather at there and wait for chanting. The monks then guided us to chant together in the hall. The above photo was taken while all the candidates came out from the hall after chanting. Some of them used that time for gathering and meet up old friends!
The committees also setup some booths for registration to join the year end camp. Besides that I saw some teenage volunteers help on promoting their program and briefly introduce us about Buddha. I just listen at them and learn something new!
Wish for As
I wish I can get many As as well in the coming examination. I don't expect I can get straight As, but I put myself in the 'try the best' status. So I hope my dream can come true and God received my wish! XD.
Most of the parents fetched their sons/daughter there for praying. They were waiting for their children while we busy chit chatting and meet up old friends. My dad and mum were sitting at the side wait for me. Thanks for their patient!
Many peoples were take a look on the booths that setup at there. Some peoples also took out their camera or phone to snap some photos. I think that day at least got 500 peoples in the small compound! It's a very lively annual event...
Guang Ian and I
At last I managed to meet up my classmates and I took a photo with Guang Ian. He said good luck to me and I replied him All the best. Both of us wish everyone get the good result and good luck in answering on the examination. So now again I would like to wish every SPM candidates, Good luck and all the best for your examination tomorrow! You can do it... Nicholas Chan, Alvin Ng, Min Xiang, Merritt Lau, FiSh and many more bloggers. Posted by GenYong 17.11.2009


Anonymous said...

It is rather interesting for me to read that post. Thanks for it. I like such topics and everything connected to them. I definitely want to read more on that blog soon.

GenYong said...

@Anonymous You are welcome. Hopes that my blog posts could help you to search for something. I will try my best to write more! Thanks for support.

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Cool, i dint go dio LOL

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