Monday, November 16, 2009

Tzu Chi Charity Food Fair (Belated)

Hey readers, recently I was not free because I am working on some designs. I found some photos from my storage and would like to share with everyone here. Recent post I posted the Makan Shiok Shiok @Adventist Hospital. Now let us rewind back to 27th of September that the charity food fair by Tzu Chi Organization in Tapak Pesta.
Tapak Pesta
You could see the crowd inside the Tapak Pesta. Everyone was buying their food by using their coupon. I found that most of them were chinese! Why no malay? XD.
Stationary Sales
Stationary Sales. I think this would attract kids and students! Using this method to raise fund for charity also a good idea. I think maybe my society can do that in future! The promoters were young men and they shouted for the sales.
Sell biscuits
Besides that, there also selling biscuit which sponsored by the new company, I don't know what's the name. But the biscuit was really nice and it taste like Ghee Hiang Tao Sar biscuit.
Arts Booth
Some of the artist design out some drawing and sell it in the charity price. Most of them looking at there and my mum thought to but one to put in new house. But at last she didn't, because I calculated it was not worth it to buy there!
Serve Food
Now is the time to eat. In a charity food fair, food is mostly important to peoples. Most of the peoples came here to enjoy their breakfast or lunch. They could able buy many food and finish at there in the half day. A large venue provided by the organizer in order to suit the needs from the peoples. As you could see the workers were busy serving food to the buyers.
There were many peoples crowded there to wait for their food. Or perhaps some looking at the food and decide what they need. There have a lot of stalls and make me confusing. That time I suddenly can decide what to eat. I just focus on the price, look for low prices food.
Buy food
My mum would like to buy one 'Lo Mai Kai' 糯米鸡. Due to the reduce and recycle campaign, they called us to bring our own bowl to take it. That time we don't have that so at last didn't buy. But if not mistaken, many tickets were used on buying the breads for the next day schooling.

By the way, it's something in long time. In the next post, I still need to rewind back and show you what I have done in the month of September. Stay tuned! Posted by GenYong 16.11.2009


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