Sunday, November 29, 2009

Heritage Heboh Street Festival 2009

First of all I have to thank to those who give me comments in facebook. I will be okay and not to be sad... This was the truth, let it be! I will be strong and just like my friend Stephanie mentioned that I still have all of you best friends! Yes I can afford it. "Great grandma hopefully you can meet your friends in another world too."

Alright we just put this a side and see what I was working on recently. Here to mention to everyone there will have a street festival in this coming Saturday 05th of December. This event named Heritage Heboh (欢闹古迹嘉年华 Pesta Heritage Heboh!) which organized by Anak-anak Kota.

Heritage Heboh 1
I received the post card from the organizer. I have to praise at them which willing to send us the postcard through postmen. The postcard design really attract the people! The whole card is yellow colour together with the cute clip arts and all the information there.
Heritage Heboh 2
At the back of the postcard, the activities was listed there together with the location map. I like the design and arrangement of the clip arts. In total there will have 10 activities there. You can enjoy your whole afternoon in there with the games, stories, explore and food!

I think to those kids who aged between 4-12 years old can come and play the games together enjoy the stories. Whereas for those teenagers you can also come and take a look on this, know more about Penang Heritage. Besides that, the organizer also encourage family can come here and enjoy their Saturday here. Know more about Penang heritage, have fun with the games and enjoy the food that provided.

*Briefly details
Event: Heritage Heboh Street Festival
Date: 5th December 2009
Time: 4.00pm-7.30pm
Venue: Acheh Street, Cannon Street, Armenian Street

So what are you waiting for? Faster go and register on the games(limited places) and check out more details on the official website. Or perhaps you can visit to Anak-anak Kota where located at Cannon Street. See you there! I am going... meet me there! Posted by GenYong 29.11.2009


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wah, you got many many many kangtao

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