Saturday, November 28, 2009

R.I.P Great Grandma 1917-2009

A bad news that received through the phone rang this evening. That time I still enjoyed my nap after came back from town. A phone call from my mum mentioned that my great grandma had passed away. I still make confirm with mum is it the truth.... But finally it's truth! After this phone, I suddenly woke up and shocked that finally happened. I can't accept the truth and began down for that moment.

I wrote the message in my Live Messenger, Twitter, Plurk and so on... Besides that, I also received a lot of caring messages which called me don't sad! I would like to thank everyone of you who always care on me! Thank you buddies...
RIP Great Grandma
I definitely feel very sad now. But I can't do anything, just can hope my great grandma passed away peacefully. Luckily, I had taken a few photos last month. That time she was still very fresh in mind. I can't imagine why suddenly she changed until like that and leave us finally.

*On the photo above I had mentioned the words to my great grandma, the last sentence to her, hopefully she will know it!
RIP Great Grandma 2
I had wrote a chinese message for my great grandma. She live on this world for 92 years, I think it is a long time and very old people. She born on 1917 and leave us on 2009. This remind me that she was same age with my school ChungLing. I remember that my mum told me great grandma came from China. She worked very hard and suffer for the hard life... Now she really can rest it to another world! =(
RIP Great Grandma 3
Those photos had become the most memorable photos. I make sure I save it nicely and safely. I think this will be the only collection for me! I think I will go and print out this photo for my collection, no matter softcopy or anything. I will make many copies for in case...

Anyway, this might be the peace sign... Life is like that, everyone has to overcome this!

Again to mention for my great grandma, "Rest In Peace, grandma(ah pak)" "阿pak一路好走!我们永远怀念你!"
Great grandma 1917-2009... You're not alone, we will always remember you!
*cry out =( Posted by GenYong 28.11.2009


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