Monday, November 2, 2009

JCI Junior ChungLing Butterworth Installation (Ep.1)

On the 24th of October I had join my society JCI Junior attended the Installation at ChungLing Butterworth. I was surprise that 40 peoples could turn up on that day and really made me glad. From that on, I realized that our members mostly like the outing activities. XD! By the way, we took bus there. It's not a near distance, I just realized that their school was located at Permatang Pauh which very deep inside rural area. Along the way we could see the factories and paddy fields.
School Compound
Our Board Of Directors were preparing for their costumes and adjusted for their clothes neatly.
The Organizer
She's the organizer who named JoXian. She is a good organizer and she planned everything with her committees to arrange all the programs to make sure it run smoothly. We were very glad to get the organizer invitation at the registration counter! Thank you, XD!
As you can see my junior Li Yang was writing his name and put his signature on the invitation paper. Let me introduce to you, he is my president's brother which is now Form 1 and holding the Form Representatives position. I think he will be a good leader on next time! Add oil Li Yang...
They provided us a simple but nice booklet. This let me think about reduce campaign and economic crisis case. Nowadays don't waste too much money on making such things not so important. I really like their design which all hand made! Although it's simple but the contents all included! It can let me simply flip through and get into the information and new B.O.D contacts.
The JCI Junior of ChungLing Butterworth were performing a dance with the theme song of "I Got The Feeling" to open up the whole ceremony. The dance were presented by the juniors which aged between 14 and 15 years old.
JCI Senator
Later it's speeching time, I managed to take a shot while the JCI Senator Teoh Eng Keat gave his speech. He was talking about the joint installation concept in order to gather up all JCI Junior and held a grand convention next year. Because of the request and curious from the Senior Assistant of ChungLing Butterworth, they had think of this concept. So I am looking forward for the grand event soon in year 2010! XD!
Buffet Dinner
Queue Up
If I'm not mistaken, most of the Installation were using the buffet concept. It's more low costing and most of the people will like it. Besides that, if you feel that not enough still can get again from the stall. I love the food actually because I didn't taste this delicious food before in all the installation. I was full enough after having this buffet dinner, it's worth it!

If any installation are upcoming and you would like to invited me, you can simply email me at least 1 week earlier to let me arrange my time. I will try my best to attend on the occasion. *try to get my phone number via email, thank you! Posted by GenYong 02.11.2009


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