Sunday, November 1, 2009

Queensbay Mall Hang Out

Recently most of the Form 3 students will hang out to shopping complex after school or in public holidays. Anyway, I had it before which in the Deepavali holiday and yesterday I was at Queensbay Mall to watch the Halloween celebrations.

I went to Queensbay Mall in the purpose for hang out and I think that was just wasting time in public holiday. But actually it lets me to walk through the shopping mall and explore out the shops. I don't like shopping because I have not much money. I like to watch movie but I don't know how to skate... So actually Queensbay Mall not really shiok for me! XD.

In Arcade
I am sure that most of the teenagers come to Queensbay will enter this shop which is a games and entertainment place. It provided the arcade games that enable us to relax the mind temporary. By the way, I advise to everyone better don't addicted on it! (Picture)GuangIan was perform his shooting skill in the Arcade.
Later we went to Old Town before we went home. We sat down and discuss about the features happened and share opinion with each other. GuangIan have a cup of coffee and we enjoy talking there and played stacko. (Picture) He was WalterTeng who appeared in my blog before.
Guang Ian
He's GuangIan and he also appear in my blog before and the recent video he acted as a reporter! it's funny... Anyway, he's a good guy! Nice friend.
Cool Drink!
He was trying to act cool when drinking the coffee. I took the opportunities to snap down some shots. If can I should send this photo to Old Town for advertising to earn some income for him! XD.
Then we played stacko there which just bought at Toy R Us. We tried one round and it left just some pieces and finally we destroyed it at the Old Town corner. It's cool enough and the waiter was looking at us with the smiles.
The Trio
At last we managed to call up people to help us took a trio shot. We met a lot of ChungLing guys hanging out there too... We joined them shop for a moment and took photos. The three of us are best friends, am I right? Next time we go out again can? XD! Posted by GenYong 01.11.2009


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