Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sandcastle Competition 2009 Sr.1

After our PMR examination, our school encouraged us to participate in the outside school activity. On 21th of October, my friend Shi Zhang had participated in Sand Castle Competition among the Penang High Schools. This event which organized by INTI College was happened at the Paradise Sandy Beach Resort seaside. He borrowed the camera from me and took some nice shots...
The Team
Before leaving the school, they had taken a group photo outside the hall. This was the ChungLing sandcastle school team. XD!
At Seaside
When they arrived at the seaside, seems everyone was enjoying the fun in beach. I love staying at the beachside and enjoy playing the sand at beach. But unfortunately I have no chance!
Start Working
After the tutor gave the instructions, my school team members started to work on their sandcastle. If not mistaken, they divided into 3 groups and compete with others.

For this post, I briefly introduce the teams that compete in this sandcastle competition. Let see which school took part in this competition!
ChungLing Team
The CHUNGLING High SchoolTeam... All boys! XD.
PCGHS team
The PenangChinese Girl High School... All girls! XD.
Heng Ee team
The Heng Ee High School team were busy working on their sandcastle.
Phor Tay team
The Phor Tay High School all girls team were discussing and planning for their sandcastle.
St Xavier Team
The only one English school St Xavier High School team joined in this competition! Good try...
ChungLing Butterworth
The CHUNGLING Butterworth also group a team to join the competition. They got a surprise that they won the champion back to Butterworth, congratulations! *The group photos will show it up soon.
Jit Sin team
Besides that, Jit Sin High School which located at Bukit Mertajam also came to Penang Island to take part on this competition. Now they can enjoy playing the sandcastle at seaside and you can find the only features in Penang Island!

I really thanks to my friend Shi Zhang for helping me to take those photos. I will post up more photos in the next updates. Check it out and stay tuned! Posted by GenYong 11.11.2009


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