Friday, November 6, 2009

Have you Cut? Sudah Potong?

Recently you will hear this advertisement non-stop preview in the Television screen. Besides that, you will see almost everyday and especially today The Star Paper was advertise this advertisement too. Sudah Potong? Have you Cut? 你‘割’了没?
Those language also become the jokes in the school now. Even though when I listen to the Radio Station advertise on this I also will laugh out. P1 WiMaX had succeed to get the attraction from public by putting this advertisement. It's amazing and brave in action!
Today when you read Star Paper, you will see that the back cover was the P1 Wimax advertisement. I think this company was rich enough to gain its popularity to call the Internet user change over to their network.
This is the print screen on the P1Wimax website. All the page was full with the Sudah Potong? advertisement. It's really a big promotion!

Besides that they also prepare some video clips on the jokes. Those videos preview in TV before but now the government banned those videos because they might contains some negative contents inside. I have no comment on this! Now we can just watch it on youtube, enjoy!

So what you wait for?
Cepat Potong la! 割了他啦! Cut it la! ... Posted by GenYong 06.11.2009


beN said...

P1 Wimax is not cheap as i know

SiewMei said...

haha,go listen to the radio and u will find the latest streamyx advertisment a mum shouting to her son like this, "cut cut cut, cut your head la"..lols....

GenYong said...

@beN yes for sure, it limited. @Siew Mei yes I heard it on youtube le, I will post it soon.

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