Thursday, November 5, 2009

Helluva Halloween @ Queensbay Mall

Last Saturday everyone had celebrated Halloween. In Penang, the shopping malls also organized some programs about Halloween. The well-known Gurney Plaza and Queensbay Mall were hold a Halloween event in their place properly. The Penangites were so lucky have the choice where to go celebrate... Even though the new shopping complex -Penang Times Square also celebrate this Halloween Day.
Helluva Halloween
The stage covered with the Halloween decorations which full of bats, big pumpkins, spiders and some haunted homes. It's a nice decorations and I like the name which called 'Helluva Halloween' sounds like welcome Halloween. Helluva=Hello? XD!
Align Center
There was crowded of people watching the performances. Most of the parents brought their children to see this annual celebration. Some auntie uncle were waiting for their child who had taken part in the contest to get the result. Everyone sat down waiting for the result to be announced.
Halloween DANZITY
A group of popular dancers (DANZITY) were participate in this event too. They dressed the Halloween costumes and acting like a ghost to get playful with public. Many of the people would like to take photos with them. *Actually they're invited to perform a Halloween dance and they did something to entertain the people and mentioned that It's Halloween!
Costumes Winners
After the long waiting, the result finally out. The Master of Ceremony announced the winners and they came in front to the stage and received the prizes. I really admired at those winners dare to dressed like a ghost and won out in this contest! It's amazing and it's not an easy job too!
At last the champion goes to the little girl who's only 10 years old. She dressed a lot of decoration and it's seems like a tree. When I walked there, I felt weird why got a tree beside the stage and later when the MC announced I just realized that she's a participant too!

So what you celebrate on Halloween Day? Act as a ghost and scare people? XD. Posted by GenYong 06.11.2009


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