Sunday, September 25, 2011

4th Anniversary Celebration!

4 years already for my blogging life! Since 2007, I was writing up my first post on 25th September. As I still remember that day was the mooncake festival and my school was having holiday so I decided to blog about myself besides blog for my class. Through out this 4 years, I had blog about my life, photography, events and many more.
Beginning of my blog post, I was blog about such lame stuffs and since December 2007 I get myself a camera and started to blog about photos. By the way, I am still using my Sony S700 Digital Camera now! Flashing back on December 2007, I was still so young and look like child seriously. Anyway, you can take a look for this post. That time my English was not good and I blogged a lot of lousy stuffs.

After that learning from other bloggers like Nicholas Chan and Kok Sheng or even Smashpop and many more, I started to blog something interesting... So 4 years already, I am now back to blog. Will you still supporting me?? 5th Anniversary.... I promise it will have a big change! Check it out... =) Posted by GenYong 25.09.2011


Camy said...


Nicholas said...


GenYong said...

@Camy Thank you very much... yours one keep on growing... hahaa!
@Nicholas wow! Thank you bro! Because of you, I had make a step on blogging.... Thank you very much! =)

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