Friday, September 2, 2011

NTV7 Yuan Carnival 2011

Recently I had went to Yuan Carnival which organized by NTV7 Media Company at Han Chiang High School. Previously, I had posted the pre-view blog post for you guys to read through first before I post it here. It was the annual event that organized by NTV7, inside the event would have Stars Meeting, Freebies Giving out, Games, Entertainment, Signature Session and many more!
The honourable Han Chiang Board Of Directors Chairperson Tan Sri Tan Kok Peng was giving his speech to specially thank you for NTV7 take the chance to organize such events in Han Chiang High School. This was also the pride of Han Chiang to have this kind of event!
The concept of having this carnival is to encourage the whole family spending their weekends on the event. This will also improve the relationship between the family members. This event was sponsored by Celcom, Guang Ming Daily, Firefly, Intel and many more companies.
It was a cool opening ceremony for the food fair. Those VIPs was dressed up the red shirts that sponsored by NTV7 as the official shirt of the event. When opening ceremony started, VIPs were cutting off the balloons that placed on the floor and it was like birds fly away up to the blue sky! The last balloon was hanged with the small banner of food fair and showing that food fair had officially started!
Besides that, Han Chiang High School also having their education fund raising food fair on that day. I was invited by my friend Stephanie to there and I bought 2 tickets for RM 20! A lot of food served there and of course there were crowded of people there.
The main event of NTV7 was held inside the school hall. There were a nice opening ceremony by the Han Chiang students who talented in 24 series drums playing 24-节令鼓. The performance was so awesome and I just realize that even girls also interested on this kind of activities!
There were several activities and light competition games inside the hall. NTV7 news network team having the audition for new news reporters and attracted lots of graduated students to be there. Celcom having their broadband promotion and also provided some games for the participants. OneFM also provided some video games for kids and in order to let them win out the OneFM freebies. Firefly also provided the games for everyone and those who had won it will walkaway with limited products from the company.
Besides that outside the hall, Guang Ming Daily also having a children colouring competition. The concept of this colouring competition is to encourage the children about GO GREEN. Used to be that nowadays everyone is talking about GREEN! Are you GREEN enough?
When I walked to Han Chiang Indoor Stadium, I saw the ECO Carnival inside. Inside the stadium I could see a lot of ECO products and also the GREENing effects. Han Chiang High School was previously announced to be one of the GREEN schools in Penang. So they showed out the steps to be GO GREEN and also the importances to be ECO! All the products selling inside was ECO-based. I feel that this was a good concept for everyone to be GREEN!
Outside the indoor stadium, there was an old man performing his talents on singing the china classic anthem. I was attracted on his well singing and he also taught the kids there to sing with him and it was so funny! =)
Took a random shot before the opening ceremony of the Han Chiang High School Food Fair. The animated cartoon Lao Fu Zi 老夫子 was there cheering up the audiences and also busy taking photos with everyone.
When the OneFM having the game session, DJ was giving out the free ECO bags to everyone. See those people was rushing to answer the DJ's questions in order to win the ECO bags home! I get one of the ECO bag there and nice to use! It was specially designed, different from others!
To those who can't get the ECO bags, they rushed to the Guang Ming Daily counter and bought one newspaper to cut out the promotion page in order to exchange for one ECO bags. It was a good marketing strategy! Haha.
When MayJune and One FM DJ having their gaming session, it was attracted a lot of audiences to be go on stage and interacting with them. Specially boys and mans were like to go and interact with MayJune. I know why, because MayJune is pretty enough! xD
The kids were having fun to be called on the stage to participate on the games.
Saw some performances on the food fair zone! The performance was so cool. I like it very much!
At last I met Ar Enn who from Butterworth in the event! She was one of the popular blogger in Butterworth too! A student blogger who same age with me. Nice to meet her in real life! Yea... first impression to meet her was "Wah nice to meet you here!" "Yea! Come on take photos!" xD. The events ended here! Posted by GenYong 02.09.2011


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too bad i din go :(

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